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59 P01 Water impact dynamics on inclined Lubricant-impregnated surface file
58 P02 Microfluidic random number generator driven by water-head pressure and human interaction  file
57 P03 Multilayer chaotic micromixer with crossing structures for enhanced fluid mixing at low Reynolds number file
56 P04 Investigation of heat transfer characteristic of nanofluid in the MCHS using micro PIV/LIF measurement technique file
55 P05 Non-invasive blood pressure estimation based on ECG and PPG signals using CNN-LSTM layer file
54 P06 The computational study to investigate the arrhythmogenesis of SCN5A A1656D mutation and drug effects file
53 P07 Extensible CellML Patch-clamp Simulator file
52 P08 Computational study on atherosclerotic plaque wall stress: Effect of cap thickness and lipid core stiffness file
51 P09 A Comprehensive Parametric Computational Model for Evaluation of Blood Flow Dynamics in Aortic Aneurysm file
50 P10 PM deposition on the trichome structure of T. usneoides under flow conditions file
49 P11 Evaluation of wall shear stress and pressure drop as surrogate indices for identifying ischemic coronary lesion using 3D CFD and QCA file
48 P12 Experimental Study on Confinement effect of Two-phase Closed Thermosyphon and Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Cellulose Nanofluid file
47 P13 전기자동차용 엔진발전제어기의 냉각수 유로에 관한 수치해석 연구 file
46 [미제출] P14 A Numerical and Experimental Comparison Study on Cooling Performance by Two Types of Ventilation Holes for 250W BLDC Motor
45 P15 Prediction of heat transfer performances on mixed convective heat transfer containing a cylinder by artificial neural network file
44 P16 상승하는 기포에 의한 섞이지 않는 두 액체 사이의 계면 교란 file
43 P17 비상분리 커플링 내부의 유동특성 및 포펫에 작용하는 유체력 특성 연구 file
42 P18 Driver's thermal comfort analysis in automobile indoor during summer file
41 P19 RCP 시험시설내 SP004 플랜지의 스터드 볼트 고착에 대한 연구 file
40 P20 Development of leaked water detection system for RCS in nuclear power plant using conductance meter file
39 P21 Domestic Standard Problem by utilizing the ATLAS Integral Effect Test Facility file
38 P22 Effect of impeller geometrical parameter on the perfor-mance of 2 vane pump file
37 P23 연소 조건 변화에 따른 1.5단 가스터빈 내부 열 유동 특성 연구 file
36 P24 원해역에서 유도무기 시험을 위한 잭업 바지선 계류 안전성 분석 방안 연구 file
35 P25 LNG 벙커링용 코리올리 방식 질량유량계의 수치해석 연구 file
34 P26 수치해석에 의한 밸브의 유동특성 및 유량계수 산출 방법 평가 검증 file
33 P27 Schlieren 실험과 수치해석을 이용한 초음속 제트 유동 분석 file
32 P28 Benchmarking of computational fluid dynamics code for nuclear fuel assembly design file
31 P29 전기동력 수직이착륙 항공기의 프로펠러 회전 방향에 따른 공력특성 분석 file
30 P30 Numerical simulation of a Li-ion battery module for urban electric car file
29 P31 Enhancement of collecting efficiency by wavy collecting plate in the single-stage electrostatic precipitator file
28 P32 비행 모드에 따른 유무인 겸용 개인항공기의 공력 성능에 관한 수치적 연구 file
27 P33 전기동력 수직이착륙 항공기를 위한 Co-rotating 및 Counter-rotating 프로펠러의 수치해석  file
26 P34 냉각유동이 터빈 익렬유동에 미치는 영향에 대한 CFD 연구 file
25 P35 먼지제거 장치에 의한 유동장 및 먼지 입자 해석 file
24 P36 입자 충돌을 고려한 액체 내 구형 입자의 궤적 해석 file
23 P37 Upstream activation and downstream adhesion of platelets in a microfluidic system file
22 P38 암모니아 분사 형태에 따른 탈질 과정의 혼합 가스 분포에 대한 전산 해석 file
21 P39 탈질 설비 가이드 베인의 공력 변수에 대한 전산 해석 file
20 P40 수평형 탈질 설비의 AIG 유동 제어에 대한 전산 해석 기법 적용 file
19 P41 포집망 젖음성 개질에 의한 증기포집 성능 향상 연구 file
18 P42 Thermal comfort analysis of occupants based on EEG according to the use of various seat in indoor temperature condition during summer file
17 P43 Parametric study of 2.5kW Class Propeller Type Micro Hydraulic Turbine file
16 P44 Thermal analysis of air-cooled PEMFC stack for portable applications file
15 P45 안면부여과식 마스크의 단방향 배기 밸브 장치의 입자 여과 제어에 대한 중요 평가 file
14 P46 Numerical evaluation of dust collection efficiency of a Lapple type cyclone separator file
13 P47 Nasal airway obstruction 환자의 비강 내 흡입공기 온도 및 습도 분포에 관한 전산해석적 연구 file
12 P48 A numerical study for the effect of the magnitude of the divergent section angle on the cavitating venturi internal flow pattern file
11 P49 Liquid-to-cell segregation with ultrasonic standing fields and measurement of blood viscosity in microfluidic device  file
10 P50 Heat transfer reduction in drag-reduced turbulent channel flows of dilute polymer solutions file
9 P51 천수흐름에서의 조류터빈 배열 최적화에 관한 연구 file
8 P52 Mixing analysis on two-dimensional Tesla structures micromixer with different shapes of obstacles: Numerical and experimental approach file
7 P53 Simulation study of droplet behavior and Maxwell stress in Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) jet printing file
6 P54 Cancer cell migration and cancer drug screening in oxygen tension gradient chip file
5 P55 Inflammatory response to lipopolysaccharide infiltration of blood vessel on microfluidic chip file
4 P56 Preliminary CFD study for the internal flow inside 6-stages orifice by using ANSYS CFX file
3 P57 Enhanced Rebound of Aqueous Polymer Droplets on Heated Superhydrophobic Surfaces file
2 [미제출] P58 Generation and behavior of Janus droplet in shearThinning fluid flow passing a cross-Type microchannel 
1 P59 CFD validation study for the complex flow around a flat orifice flowmeter file